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Hailing from Colombia, Luis Camelo and Stella Sanchez are a married couple who have been operating businesses for more than 45 years together. They share a passion for being successful entrepreneurs, which has driven them to the success they have been able to attain. That passion has lead to their long tenured establishment in the city of Miami as the premier Automotive Refinish Paint distributor with their business "Miami Paint Centre". They have maintained that their main focus when it comes to how they operate is all about "Customer Service". This has proven to be successful for them considering that Miami Paint Centre is now going in to their 20th year of business at their Hialeah location. Having a business operate for over two decades at the same location is definitely something they are proud of, and has gotten them major recognition from the biggest paint brand in the world PPG, who bestowed upon them the honor of being Miami's only exclusive Distributor of their Platinum PPG Paint line. Luis and Stella are very family oriented, which is why both employees and customers of theirs alike feel "at home" when they are doing business with Miami Paint Centre! 

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Dailen Pozo is Miami Paint Centre's "Assistant Technician", working alongside John. Dailen has over 10 years of experience with Automotive Paint and has been part of the Miami Paint Centre family for 8 years now. She handles the Customer Service facet of the business, and does so with a strong passion! She is considered to be the glue that holds the team together and Miami Paint Centre recognizes her as an integral part of it's family!

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